We find a good sports game – FIFA

Few platforms could say they did not have a representation of the ultimate football game Ea Sports, however, was one of the few GameBoy Advance. Until now.

Much has been expected and, frankly, is that the wait was worth it, since the GBA version is spectacular in every way, more even than you might expect

Football Options
Obviously the game has all that his older brothers, but neither the GBA is like the PS2 or Xbox and still, the game is spectacular. We will have friendly matches, multiplayer, ability to play European competitions or leagues. Boredom, on choice, of course does not exist.

Also everything is modifiable and can control the minutes, difficulty, etc., the ultimate football game, which variations are more than ample. However, the more interesting the game is precisely being able to play football and to FIFA EA sports has made it an arcade in the old way. In fact, in some ways, the game reminds us very much of an old recreational success, a title called Tecmo World Cup ’90, one of the most addictive football titles in the early 90

The difference is that now we have it in our laptop and as Ea has licensed all the names of the players, all the teams we know are with official templates. So Ronaldo appear in R.Riquelme Madrid or FC Barcelona, ​​offering realism for a GBA game really incredible.

On the other hand, we say that the real football game offers in your GBA – yes, depending on the difficulty, because easy level is a walk – Passes, centers, headers and all kinds of plays in an exciting title for your GBA .

What can be the problem for some? Obviously that seems an arcade game, not a simulator. Although Ea Sports can justify this with the fact that the console offers the vast majority arcades, and also because the game is much more fun than the original, in this we all agree.

Finally, control of the game is very good and offers all kinds of options. Sprint, pass, high pass and shooting and of course the defensive options like aggressive input, normal input and header or clear. All this achieved we can dive into the game in just a few minutes.

The graphics and sound
Graphically the game is very successful, to the point that they have all official team kits this year and all of them in great detail. The animations are pretty good, but really there are two exceptions. First entry that seems more that the player is dropped and then the head, which is not exactly remarkable. Otherwise, the game, to be conducted by pixel is very successful and above all, EA has given the game speed, to really look like we’re playing a game exciting.

As for the sound, forget about Manolo’s comments and Paco, although the beeps and encouragement from the fans or the game chuts. Acceptable, but not that the sound is something that kills in the title of EA Sports.

Our opinion
The first FIFA for GBA and the truth is that we have been convinced. Funny, especially, with easy control and foremost with great detail. Without doubt one of the biggest surprises of EA games and one of the most desirable sports GBA, it may seem too Fighting


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